Dyslexia tutoring

One-on-one dyslexia tutoring using the Barton Reading and Spelling System.
The Barton Reading & Spelling System® is:
Research based
Orton-Gillingham approach
Simultaneously multisensory
An explicit and systematic phonics program based on teaching students to learn to spell by sounding out words rather than memorizing a sequence of letters.

Dyslexia education

Providing practical, research-based staff development for teachers and administrators.

Topics include:
Dispelling the Myths About Dyslexia
Recognizing the Signs of Dyslexia

Accommodations in the Classroom

Small group or one-on-one coaching in:

  • Time management
  • Self-regulation
  • Memory and retention
  • Focus and attention

Coaching is tailored to student's age and needs.  Ages 3 1/2-18.

ExEcutive FuncTion Coaching
Dyslexia Screening and consultation

Comprehensive evaluation to determine whether dyslexia exists and to what degree.  It takes more than just test scores to accurately determine if a child has dyslexia. We look at the entire child – their genetic, developmental, and educational history; every prior testing report; their current strengths and weaknesses; and the results from 9 screening tools.  Parents will receive a detailed report and consultation that will give insight into their child’s unique gifts and learning differences.  Suggested modifications and a diagnostic plan will be included in this report.

aDult Literacy

Literacy Consulting Specialties promotes adult literacy in partnership with the Hood County Adult Literacy Program, a program of the Hood County Library.  If you or someone you know is unable to read at a functional level, the Hood County Adult Literacy Program can help.  Also, if you are interested in becoming a difference maker by being an adult literacy tutor contact Karen at literacyspecialties@gmail.com or go by the

Hood County Library for more information.