• 50-55 minute Sessions
  • Therapy done 3x, 4x, or 5x a week
  • One-on-one sessions
  • Program is 12-16 weeks depending on frequency and learner.
  • Taught by certified teachers


"Thank you so much to Karen and Kathy at Literacy Consulting Specialties. Noah's summer with equipping minds therapy has helped him tremendously. Not only has it helped with memory and retaining information, but it has helped with his confidence in speech. Noah can even recall some things that he learned way back in the school year. Both his dad and I are blown away on his ability to recite the 1st 9 Presidents of the USA! That is something most adults cannot do! We will continue working with Noah and look forward to seeing how he applies what he has learned to the upcoming school year."

Dyslexia specialists will attest, two of the biggest hurdles in dyslexia intervention are working memory and processing speed.  The brain's ability to hold a piece of information long enough to work with it, and then the ability to respond, are two of the biggest components of successful therapy.  When Equipping Minds is introduced, those two hurdles are lowered and eventually removed and dyslexia therapy can move forward.  Before we began using Equipping Minds, I NEVER suggested that our clients delay or step away from dyslexia therapy for ANY reason.  Now, we often recommend it in order to allow for time for the student to do Equipping Minds.  It always reaps dividends in the long run. -Karen

Equipping Minds

Equipping Minds was developed by Dr. Carol Brown to improve a learner’s working memory, visual and auditory processing, attention, processing speed, logic, comprehension, language, social skills, attention, executive functioning, behavior, and self-regulation.

"I’ve seen a positive difference in (my student) since he started the Equipping Minds program. He is eager to start our dyslexia session and is more focused. I usually chat with him for about a minute before our tutoring session about anything that he has been doing and he recently told me, ”I’m bored with all this talking, let’s start our lesson!”  (hyper-focused) During our session, he seems to recall different rules he’s learned and apply those rules to whatever he’s learning. He’s reading longer words without difficulty. From my observation, the Equipping Minds program has made a difference in (his) learning ability."          Jana H.


  • Short term memory
  • Long term memory
  • Focus and Attention
  • Dementia
  • Word recall
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Ability to learn new skills

We help people of all ages and abilities, including those experiencing learning challenges, traumatic brain injury, autism, memory struggles, ADD/ADHD, dementia, post-traumatic stress, post-concussion syndrome, and language disorders. After working with our therapists our clients and their families report they are able to remember more, focus better, and process faster than before.

"Initially, my student struggled to retain the sounds of simple three-letter words long enough to blend them into complete words and battled with the resulting frustration.  After working through the Equipping Minds program, he easily retained multiple sounds at a time and began making significant improvements in his decoding skills.  His ability to retain concepts previously taught and focus on the task at hand also increased, while his frustration levels began to diminish."          Sherry G.

strengthen cognitive abilities through therapy

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  • Working memory
  • Long-term memory
  • Processing speed
  • Attention/Self-regulation
  • Visual and Auditory processing
  • Executive function
  • Language skills