Signs of poor executive function skill in younger students

  • Unable to complete daily tasks on own (example: getting ready for bed) without constant guidance
  • Unable to focus in class/disruptive
  • Gets upset easily when any change in routine happens
  • Does not play well with peers

Signs of poor executive function in older students

  • Struggling with homework
  • School work is unorganized/loses assignments
  • Lacks time management skills
  • Procrastination
  • Daily life tasks (even simple ones) overwhelm them

I first called because I was concerned my son had dyslexia. She emailed me information on dyslexia so I could learn more about it. Karen also reviewed the different types of testing and evaluations that were available and which ones she thought would be beneficial for my son. He also has ADHD and we did Executive Functioning Therapy once a week with Karen. She tailored all the classes for my son and worked 1:1 with him. It took time but he improved so much. I would recommend Karen and her company for both dyslexia and EFT.         - Darci

Executive Function Coaching


(ages 5 1/2 - college)

We help students learn how to plan, transition, be flexible, and stay focused. Our one on one approach is tailored to meet individual needs. We help students develop the skills they need to reach their full potential in school and life. 

Definitions of Executive Function

  • The brain's ability to take the steps necessary to accomplish a complex task or goal like writing a paper, completing homework, cleaning a room, and following step by step directions.
  • Self-regulating: Ability to regulate thoughts, emotions, and actions in order to accomplish goals.
  • Lifelong skills needed to function in future jobs, relationships and society.

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