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FAQs for Parent-led Dyslexia Intervention Program

Parent-led Dyslexia Intervention Training and Tutoring

Our Barton lending and training program is designed to allow families to teach their own child(ren) using the Barton Reading and Spelling System, under the guidance of Literacy Consulting Specialties.

Literacy Consulting Specialties will give you the training needed to then tutor your own child in the Barton system. We will provide the space for you and your student to do two (one hour) sessions a week.

  • Does my child need a dyslexia diagnosis?

            A: No. We will offer a screening and/or full evaluation, but it is not required.

  • Who can benefit from this program?

            A: Any child who is struggling to learn to read can benefit from this explicit, systematic, multi-sensory method.

  • Can this work for students who are not homeschooled?

            A: Yes, it IS workable for students who go to a traditional school, as long as the parent has time for tutoring during our regular office hours.

  • What type of training will I receive?

            A: Every lesson has video training and practice time with an experienced LCS teacher. Training sessions are grouped together for time efficiency.

  • Can I teach multiple children?

            A: Yes, It is possible to teach more than one child at a time, although it may not be advantageous.

  • Do I need to have a teaching background?

            A: No. The Barton program was originally designed for volunteer-based literacy programs.

  • Can homeschoolers use this as part of their curriculum?

            A: Yes. In fact, your monthly fee covers the cost of support materials specifically for homeschoolers to use between Barton sessions.

  •  How many hours per week will this take?

            A: The minimum requirement will be two hours a week for tutoring. Training will be as needed.

  • Can I tutor my student at home?

            A: No. Our site license requires that all training and tutoring must take place in our office.

  •  Will I have to sign a contract?

            A: No, we ask you to sign an agreement, but you may discontinue at any time.